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Front panel pinout for most Intel OEM-boards (2x9pin)
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Local copy of manuals for several OEM-only boards

Intel motherboard AMIBIOS identity codes

1.00.xx.AB0: Classic E-Series
1.00.xx.AC0: Classic R/R-Plus (Monsoon)
1.00.xx.AF1: Premiere/PCI Expandable Desktop (Batman)
1.00.xx.AF2: Premiere/PCI ED (Batman's Revenge)
1.00.xx.AK0: Xpress Servers: Deskside Xpress LX (Cortez)
1.00.xx.AM0: Xpress Servers: Xpress LM
1.00.xx.AQ0: Classic/PCI Expandable Desktop (Alfredo)
1.00.xx.AU0: Premiere/PCI Low Profile (Robin)
1.00.xx.AV0: (???)
1.00.xx.AX1: Premiere/PCI II Exp. Desktop (Plato)
1.00.xx.AY0: Classic/PCI ED (Ninja)
1.00.xx.AZ0: Classic/PCI LP (Entrada)
1.00.xx.BB0: Premiere/PCI LX Low Profile (Socrates or Robin LX)
1.00.xx.BC0: Premiere/PCI LC Low Profile (Robin LC)
1.00.xx.BF0: Premiere/PCI GX Low Profile
1.00.xx.BG0: XXpress Server 15" (Extended Xpress or Medusa)
1.00.xx.BH0: XXpress Server 12" (Extended Xpress or Medusa)
1.00.xx.BI0: ALTServer/CS (Altair)
1.00.xx.BK0: (???)
1.00.xx.BL0: Premiere /ATLX (Hendrixx)
1.00.xx.BP0: Mercury (seems to have the same features as Hendrixx)
1.00.xx.BR0: Advanced/ZE (Zappa E or Tahiti)
1.00.xx.BS0: Advanced/ZP (Zappa)
1.00.xx.BT0: Advanced/MN (Morrison32)
1.00.xx.BU0: Advanced/MA (Monaco)
1.00.xx.BX0: Advanced/CM (Comanche)
1.00.xx.BY0: Advanced/HL (Hillary) OEM-only for Packard Bell/NEC, no info at Intel.
1.00.xx.CA0: Advanced/AL (Alladin) NEC calls this the 'Morrison64'
1.00.xx.CA2: Advanced/MN S64 (Holly)
1.00.xx.CA3: Advanced/MN (Morrison64)
1.00.xx.CB0: Advanced/EV (Endeavour)
0.xx.xx.CC0: Advanced/MN (Morrison64/Blitzen)
1.00.xx.CD0: AP450GX (Alder)
1.00.xx.CG0: Performance/AU (Aurora)
1.00.xx.CH0: Advanced/MN LPX/S (Talladega) A.K.A. MorrisonMC (Toshiba)
1.00.xx.CJ0: ??? (Pocono) used by Advent and Viglen
1.00.xx.CL0: Advanced/AS (Atlantis)
1.00.xx.CN0: Advanced/ATX (Thor)
1.00.xx.CP0: ??? (Thousand Oaks)
1.00.xx.CP1: ??? (Fair Oaks)
1.00.xx.CQ0: Advanced/EV (Endeavour) reference
1.00.xx.CS1: VS440FX (Venus)
1.00.xx.CT1: AP440FX (Apollo)
1.00.xx.CV2: Advanced/RH (Rhinestone)1.00.xx.CW0: Advanced/RU (now RU430HX) (Ruby) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.CY0: TE430VX (Tiger Eye) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.CY1: TE430VX (Tiger Eye) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DA0: BB440FX (Buckeye Balboa)
1.00.xx.DB0: Advanced/ML (Marl)
1.00.xx.DC0: Advanced/RU (Ruby) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DD0: AG430HX (Agate) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DE0: NP430HX (Newport)
1.00.xx.DF0: (???)
1.00.xx.DH0: TC430HX (Tucson)
1.00.xx.DI0: PR440FX (Providence)
1.00.xx.DK0: CU430HX (Cumberland) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DL0: Advanced/RU (Ruby) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DM0: R440FX (Rosewood)
1.00.xx.DN0: NV430VX (Orlando or Tampa)
1.00.xx.DP0: (???)
1.00.xx.DQ0: MA430TX (Mailman)
1.00.xx.DS0: (???)
1.00.xx.DT0: PD440FX (Portland)
1.00.xx.DU0: DB440FX (Dublin) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DV0: TriGem Amazon II and Amazon III, design licensed by Intel, let's call it Marl "Mark II"
1.00.xx.DY0: (???)
1.00.xx.DZ0: BN440FX (Boston)
1.00.xx.R0: Xpress Servers: Desktop Xpress
1.00.xx.S0: Professional Workstation (Panther)
1.00.xx.V0: Xpress Servers: Deskside Xpress
1.00.xx.W0: Classic S-Series
1.00.xx.Y3: Professional/GX (Corsair)
1.00.xx.YM1: YM430TX (Yamamoto?)

Morrison variants

Intel OEM motherboard numbers
AMI bios OEM codes are:
1 = old code for Gateway 2000
4 = Sony
5 = Micron
6 = Research Machines plc
7 = ? (maybe Gateway)
8 = Toshiba
B = AT&T Globalyst Solutions (now NCR)
C = Made by Techram under an Intel license for Toshiba
D = ???
F = ? (maybe Digital/DEC)
G = ? (maybe StorageExpress)
H = Vobis
  I = AST/Samsung Bravo LC 6233 as example DU0i
J = Dell
K = NEC & Packard Bell
L = Hewlett Packard
R = Packard Bell & NEC
P = Ambra/IBM & Compaq
Q = AST/Samsung
T = Gateway 2000
U = Zenith
V = Research Machines plc
Z = old code for the intel Plato, also reported on some NEC boards

Identified AMI OEM model strings so far:
1.00.xx.DD04: Sony VAIO PCs PCV-70, PCV-90, PCV-100, PCV-120 OEM version of Intel Agate
1.00.xx.DT04: Sony VAIO PCV-T700MR PD440FX

1.00.xx.CS15: MBD001056/MBD001075 Millennia® Pro 1/ClientPro® XVI (Venus P6/VS440FX)
1.00.xx.DB05: MBD001052 Home MPC® Series (Marl P5/Advanced/ML)
1.00.xx.DH05 MBD001078 Millennia® LXA/ClientPro® MTA (Tucson P5/TC430HX)
1.00.xx.DT05: MBD001084 Millennia® XRU (Portland/PD440FX)

1.00.xx.CT18: Toshiba Equium 6200 AP440FX
1.00.xx.DH08: Toshiba Infinia 7130, 7160, 7161, 7200, 7201 series TC430HX
1.00.xx.DK08: Toshiba Equium 5160, 5200, 5230 CU430HX
1.00.xx.DT08: Toshiba Infinia 7260, Equium 6260M PD440FX
1.00.xx.DU08: Toshiba Equium 6230 DB440FX

1.00.xx.AM0: (NCR 3406, 3416, 3416 XL)
1.00.xx.AU0B: Globalyst 590 (NCR 3346)
1.00.xx.BF0B: AT&T model 1006 class and Globalyst 600 (NCR 3356)
1.00.xx.CH0: (NCR 3249)
1.00.xx.CN0: (NCR 3349)
1.00.xx.CT1: (NCR 3269)
1.00.xx.DL0: (NCR 3259)

1.00.xx.CA0C: Toshiba PV3000 series
1.00.xx.CA3C: Toshiba Brezza series
1.00.xx.CH0C: Toshiba ??? series
1.00.xx.CN0?: Toshiba PV5000 series ATX models and Brezza 5166MA

1.00.xx.BS0H: Vobis OEM version of Intel Zappa
1.00.xx.CB0H: Vobis OEM version of Intel Endeavour
1.00.xx.CS1H: Vobis OEM version of Intel Venus

1.00.xx.DU0I: Bravo LC 6233 DB440FX

1.00.xx.AX1J: Dell Dimension P75/P90/P100 MT and XPS P75/P90/P100 MDT series -> Premiere/PCI II
1.00.xx.BX0J: (Comanche) Dell Dimension XPS PxxxC MDT and Dimension XPS PxxxC MT series -> Advanced/CM
1.00.xx.CQ0J: (Hunter) Dell Dimension PxxxT MT and Dimension PxxxT MT series -> Advanced/EV with S3 Trio64 onboard video, no onboard audio
1.00.xx.CS1J : Dell Dimension XPS Pro xxxn MT and Dimension XPS Pro xxxn MDT series -> VS440FX
1.00.xx.CY0J: (Terminator) Dell Dimension XPS PxxxS and MxxxS series -> TE430VX
1.00.xx.DF0J: (Hannibal) Dell Dimension XPS PxxxV series -> ???
1.00.xx.DT0J: Dell Dimension XPS H Series -> PD440FX
1.00.xx.DY0J: (Hannibal+) Dell Dimension XPS PxxxA series -> ???

1.00.xx.BC0K: Nec OEM version of Intel Premiere/PCI LC Low Profile
1.00.xx.CA0K: NEC Ready 95xx, OEM version of Intel Morrison (Morrison64)
1.00.xx.CG0K: NEC PowerMate PRO150 (Aurora)
1.00.xx.CQ0K: NEC Powermate 'Stimpy', ???
1.00.xx.CQ0Z: NEC Ready Maestro Premium, Advanced/EV with different onboard video, also inside Ready 9542
1.00.xx.DK0Z: NEC Ready ??? , CU430HX

1.00.xx.BT0L: HP Pavilion 5030/5040/7010/7020/7030/7050/7055 Morrison
1.00.xx.CA2L: HP Pavilion 7070/7090/7160/5120/7110Z/7125/7130P/7145/7170 Holly
1.00.xx.CH0L: HP Pavilion 5032/5035/5045/5115/5215/5235/5250/5315/5315D/7042/7120/7122/7130P/7150P/7165/7222/7260P/7265/7310 Talladega
1.00.xx.DC0L: HP Pavilion 7020/7270/7275Z/7280P/7285/7295V Ruby
1.00.xx.DL0L: HP Pavilion 7070/7320/7350P/7360/7370V/7420 Ruby
1.00.xx.DL1 : HP OEM version of the RU430HX???
1.00.xx.DT0L: HP Pavilion 8175/8176/8180 Portland

0.09.04.CC0M: IBM PC 350 6576/6586 series Advanced/MN (Morrison64 but IBM calls it Blitzen)
1.00.xx.DU0M: IBM PC 300XL & IntelliStation M Pro (6588 series) DB440FX

1.00.xx.CG0P: Compaq 6180e (Aurora)
1.00.xx.DZ0P: Inside a Compaq Presario 4824

1.00.xx.AU0Q: Premmia LX Robin Hood Premiere/PCI Low Profile (Robin)
1.00.xx.BTOQ: Advantage! 8100P Advanced/MN (Morrisson AST)
1.00.xx.BU0Q: Advantage! 6xx/8xx, Bravo MS/MS-T 501894, 501895, 501920, 501921, 501922, 501980, and 501981 Advanced/MA (Monaco AST)
1.00.xx.CG0Q: Bravo MS-T 6150 501824, 501908, and 503030 Advanced/AU (Denali)
1.00.xx.CS1Q: Bravo MS-T 6180/6200 503057, 503058, 503125, 503144, and 503145 VS440FX (Samantha AST)
1.00.xx.CW0Q: Advantage! 7XXX/9XXX Advanced/RU
1.00.xx.DL0Q: Advantage! 93xx USB RU430HX
1.00.xx.DM0: Manhattan D6200 R440FX

1.00.xx.AU0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Premiere/PCI Low Profile (PB520)
1.00.xx.BB0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Robin LX/Socrates (PB540/550/560) in LG 401 CD among others
1.00.xx.BC0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Robin LC (PB520r) PB 527R w/ Cirrus Video Card on board
1.00.xx.BY0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Hillary (PB570/580/590/620/630/650) in LG 74CDT SUP among others
1.00.xx.CP0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Thousand Oaks (PB640)
1.00.xx.CP1R: Packard BellOEM version of Intel Fair Oaks (PB660)
1.00.xx.DI0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Providence PB??? Powermate series top models
1.00.xx.DN0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Orlando (PB68x) NEC Ready 9722 9725 9732 9734A 9735 9736 9820
1.00.xx.DT0R: Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Portland (PB760) NEC Ready 9761 9763 9765 9769 9770 9775

1.00.xx.AC0 : Gateway Intel I4 OEM version of Intel Monsoon
1.00.xx AF1T: Gateway Batman OEM version of Intel Batman
1.00.xx AF2T: Gateway Batman's Revenge OEM version of Intel Batman's Revenge
1.00.xx.AX1T: Gateway OEM version of Intel Plato
1.00.xx.BR0T: Gateway Alladin OEM version of Intel Zappa E/Tahiti
1.00.xx.BS0T: Gateway Zappa OEM version of Intel Zappa
1.00.xx.CG0T: Gateway OEM version of Intel Aurora
1.00.xx.CN0T: Gateway OEM version of Intel Thor
1.00.xx.CS1T: Gateway OEM version of Intel Venus
1.00.xx.CY1T: Gateway OEM version of Intel Tiger Eye
1.00.xx.DI0T: Gateway OEM version of Intel Providence
1.00.xx.DQ0T: Gateway 2000 (Mailman, Mailman II (no CELP) or Hitman) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DQ0T U: Gateway 2000 (Mailman) OEM-only board

1.00.xx.BB0U: Zenith Z-Station EX
1.00.xx.BC0U: Zenith Z-SELECT PT (w/CL-GD543x onboard)
1.00.xx.BF0U: Zenith Z-Station II EX
1.00.xx.BT0U: Zenith Z-Station GT, 75/90MHz models ONLY (S3 Trio 32 onboard)
1.00.xx.CA0U: Zenith Z-Station GT, 120MHz model only (S3 Trio 64 onboard)
1.00.xx.CG0U: Zenith Z-STATION GT PRO (Aurora)
1.00.09.CV2 : Zenith Z-Station GT 500 Advanced/RH

1.00.01.AF2V: RM
1.00.xx.AX1V: rm cadstation d-590
1.00.01.CB06: RM 166 (B43)
1.00.01.DB06: RM

1.00.xx.BU0D: ??? OEM version of Intel Monaco
1.00.xx.DB0: Sold as SQ598 by BCM/GVC
1.00.xx.DU0: Intel DB440FX (Dublin) used in the Olivetti Modulo M 2-xxx MT series

Phoenix bios ID numbers:

general form is: model number.OEM-code.version.revision
4A4LL0X0.86A.0012.P021 = Original Intel Bios version 12 for the AL440LX, Desktop board
xxA = Desktop board, xxB= Server Platform board
it seems that Intel is now using the same string for several different models (EG D820LP has the same bios as the VC820), check your serial number xxXXnnnnnnnn, the big XX gives a two-charcter-code for your board. Examples:
S2= SE440BX-2

some of the models in this table are OEM-only which means you won't find any info on the Intel website. Dell in particular is VERY skimpy on the info.

4A4BZ0X0: AB440ZX (Alberta) OEM-only board
4A4RB0X0: AR440BX (Aruba)
4A4LL0X0: AL440LX (Atlanta)
4A3NT0X0: AN430TX (Anchorage)
BA81010: BA810 (Baton Rouge) OEM-only board
4B4IZ0XA: BI440ZX (Bimini)
4B4LZ0XA: BL440ZX (Bali)
BP81010A: BP810 (Black Pine) OEM-only board
BW81011A: BW810 (Birchwood) used in Dell WebPC
8C1A100A: CA810 (Cayman)
CA81020A: CA810E (Cayman 2)
CC82010A: CC820 (Cape Cod)
C3NT0X0: CN430TX (Chattanooga)
GC11010N: D101GGC (Grant County)
GC11020M: D102GGC2 (Grant County 2)
???: D103GGV (Gem Valley)
LY66210M: D201GLY (Little Valley)
LY66210M: D201GLY2 (Little Valley2)
LY66210M: D201GLY2A (Little Valley2 Active)
MOPNV10J: D410PT(Packton)
MWPNT10N: D425KT(Kinston)
MOPNV10J: D510MO(Mount Olive)
MWPNT10N: D525MW(Mount Washington)
MWPNT10N: D525MWV(Mount Washington)
XS54010J: D5400XS(Skulltrail)
CA81030A: D810E2CA3 (Cayman 3)
CB81010A: D810E2CB (Cayman 2)
MO81010A: D810EMO (Montreal)
BN81510A: D815BN (Bozeman or Bozman)
EA81510A: D815EEA (Easton)
EA81520A: D815EEA2/D815EPEA2 (Easton 2)
EA81520A: D815EFV/D815EPFV (Fayetteville)
EW81510A: D815EGEW (Englewood)
HM81510A: D815EHM (???)OEM-only
VC82010A: D820LP (Lockport)
???: D820PG (Pacific Grove)
PT84510A: D845BG (Billings)
PT84520A: D845EBG2 (Billings 2)
BT84510A: D845EBT (Blue Mountain)
VA84510A: D845EPI (Plum Island)
PT84520A: D845EPT2 (Pendleton 2)
RG84510A: D845GBV (Brownsville)
RG84510A: D845GEBV2 (Brownsville 2)
RG84510A: D845GERG2 (Rexburg 2)
LY84510A: D845GLAD (Ashland)
LY84510A: D845GLLY (Layton)
VA84510A: D845GLVA (Villanova)
RG84510A: D845GRG (Rexburg)
LY84510A: D845GVAD2 (Ashland 2)
FN84510A: D845GVFN (Free Town)
VA84510A: D845GVSR (Sea Breeze)
HV84510A: D845HV (Havre)
WR84510A: D845MF (???)
BT84520A: D845PEBT2 (Blue Mountain 2)
SV84510A: D845PECE (Cannonville)
FN84510A: D845PEMY (Maywood)
SV84510A: D845PESV (Silver Reef)
PT84510A: D845PT (Pendleton)
HV84510A: D845WN (Winnipeg)
WR84510A: D845WR (Winterset)
CA86510A: D848PFT2 (???)
RC86510A: D848PMB (Millersburg)
MV85010A: D850EMD2 (Medford 2)
MV85010A: D850EMV2 (Maryville 2)
GB85010A: D850GB (Garibaldi)
GB85010A: D850GBC (Garibaldi C = Garibaldi w/o LED function)
MV85010A: D850MD (Medford)
MV85010A: D850MV (Maryville)
BF86510A: D865GBF (Bayfield)
???: D865GKD (???)
BF86510A: D865GLC (La Crosse)
BF86510A: D865GRH (Rock Harbor)
SA86510A: D865GSA (Sandy Canal)
BF86510A: D865GVHZ (Hazelton)
???: D865GVSC (Shoal Creek)
RC86510A: D865PCD (Creede)
CK86510J: D865PCK (Carmack)
RC86510A: D865PERC (Rapid City)
RL86510A: D865PERL (Rock Lake)
RC86510A: D865PESO (Stoneville)
???: D865VSC (Shoal Creek)
BZ87510A: D875PBZ (Bonanza)
WB91X10J: D910GLDW (Downey)
EV91510A: D915GAG (Augsburg)
EV91510A: D915GAV (Avalon)
EV91510A: D915GEV (Eatonville)
EV91510A: D915GHA (Hammonton)
VG91510A: D915GLVG (Vanguard)
EV91510A: D915GMH (Marblehead)
MO91510A: D915GMO ??? (Acer OEM board)
OM91510J: D915GOM ??? (whitebox MCE board)
???: D915GPD (Pleides/Pleiades)
EV91510A: D915GRF (Iron Falls)
SE91510J: D915GSN (South Lake) OEM-only?
EV91510A: D915GUX (Luxemburg)
WB91X10J: D915GVWB (West Branch/Westbranch)
CY91510A: D915PBL (Battle Lake)
CY91510A: D915PCM (Comanche Creek)
CY91510A: D915PCY (Cherry Creek)
DT91510J: D915PDT (Dermott)
CY91510A: D915PGN (Glen Ridge)
VG91510A: D915PLWD (Woodridge)
OM91510J: D915POM (whitebox MCE board)
: D915PPO (Powers Lake)
CY91510A: D915PSY (Sharkey)
CV92510A: D925XBC (Black Canyon)
CV92510A: D925XCV (Culver City)
CV92510A: D925XEBC2 (Black Canyon 2)
CV92510A: D925XECV2 (Culver City 2)
CV92510A: D925XHY (Hells Canyon)
NT94510J: D945GBI (Big Lake)
NT94510J: D945GBO (Bear Canyon)
CR94510J: D945GCCR (Coconut Creek)
CL94510J: D945GCL (Coryville)
LF94510J: D945GCLF(Little Falls)
LF94510J: D945GCLF2(Little Falls 2)
LF94510J: D945GCLF2D(Little Falls)
NL94510J: D945GCNL (Newberry Lake)
PE94510M: D945GCPE (Plum Creek)
NT94510J: D945GCZ (Cortez)
NT94510J: D945GNT (Sorrento)
NT94510J: D945GPM (Palm Canyon)
???: D945GPR (Prague G?)
ME94510M: D945GRW (Marblewood)
JT94510H: D945GSEJT(Johnstown)
SU94510J: D945GSU (Sunnymead) MCE-whitebox board
NT94510J: D945GTP (Tappen)
SN94510J: D945PAW (Atwood)
SN94510J: D945PLM (La Mesa)
NM94510J: D945PLNM (Nine Mile)
SN94510J: D945PLRN (Radio Springs)
PR94510J: D945PPR (Prague)
SN94510J: D945PSN (Sandusky)
SN94510J: D945PVS (Rio Vista)
SN94510J: D945PWM (White Swan/White Salmon)
AB94610J: D946GZAB (Alton Bay)
TS94610A: D946GZIS (Isleton)
TS94610A: D946GZTS (Toston)
BK95510J: D955XBK (Black Creek)
BK95510J: D955XBP (Black Rapids)
BK95510J: D955XCS (Chisholm Trail)
BX97510J: D975XBX (Bad Axe)
BX97520J: D975XBX2 (Bad Axe 2)
LDB4310H: DB43LD(Los Indios)
ALB6510H: DB65AL(Andrews Lake)
GLG3110H: DG31GL
PRG3110H: DG31PR (Pearl Creek)
DPP3510J: DG33BU (Buffalo Creek)
DPP3510J: DG33FB (Frostburg)
DPP3510J: DG33TL (Tower Lake)
ECG3510M: DG35EC (Eva Cove)
ANG4110H: DG41AN (Aneroid Lake)
BIG4110H: DG41BI (Brakefield Bend)
CNG4110H: DG41CN (Corner Field)
KRG4110H: DG41KR (Cooper River/Kooper River)
MJG4110H: DG41MJ (Mystic Lake)
RQG4110H: DG41RQ (Raisen City)
TXG4110H: DG41TX (Tolley)
TYG4110H: DG41TY (Trinity Valley)
WVG4110H: DG41WV (Warm River)
GTG4310H: DG43GT(Goldtree)
NBG4510H: DG43NB(Nobletown)
RKG4310H: DG43RK(Rock Fish)
IDG4510H: DG45FC(Fly Creek)
IDG4510H: DG45ID(Icedale)
MQ96510J: DG965LV (Love Valley G)
MQ96510J: DG965MQ (Mequon)
MQ96510J : DG965MS (Marble Springs)
MQ96510J : DG965OT (Stoughton)
MQ96510J : DG965PZ (Pelzer)
MQ96510J: DG965RY (Rogers City)
MQ96510J: DG965SS (Shrewsbury)
MQ96510J: DG965SSC(Shrewsbury)
MQ96510J: DG965WH (Westchester)
TCIBX10H: DH55HC(Hunter Cove)
TCIBX10H: DH55PJ(Peter Cove)
TCIBX10H: DH55TC(Tom Cove)
JGIBX10J: DH57DD(Dandale/Dan Dale)
JGIBX10J: DH57JG(Jet Geyser)
AGH6110H: DH61AG
BEH6110H: DH61BE (Bear Point)
BEH6110H: DH61CR (Clems Cove)
BEH6110H: DH61DL (Doug Lake)
BEH6110H: DH61WW (Woodworth)
BLH6710H: DH67BL(Bearup Lake)
BLH6710H: DH67CF (Clear Folk/Clear Fork)
BLH6710H: DH67CL (Cold Lake)
BLH6710H: DH67GD (Gardendale/Garden Dale)
BLH6710H: DH67VR
4D4KL0X0: DK440LX (Dakota)
DPP3510J: DP35DP(Dragontail Peak)
RKG4310H: DP43BF (Byfield)
RKG4310H: DP43BFL(Byfield Lite)
NBG4510H: DP43TF(Topsfield)
SGP4510H: DP45SG(Skyburg)
KGIBX10J: DP55KG(Kingsberg)
KGIBX10J: DP55SB(Sharpsburg)
WBIBX10J: DP55WB(Whitesburg)
KGIBX10J: DP55WG(Warrensburg)
BAP6710H: DP67BA(Buffalo Flat)
BGP6710H: DP67BG(Burraqe)
BAP6710H: DP67DE(Deer Flat)
MQ96510J: DP965LT (Lemont)
MQ96510J: DP965LV (Love Valley P)
HSQ3310J: DQ33HS ???
JOQ3510J: DQ35JO(Johannesburg)
JOQ3510J: DQ35MP( Montpelier)
APQ4310H: DQ43AP(Apalachia)
CBQ4510H: DQ45CB(Cube Cove)
CBQ4510H: DQ45CBCX(Cube Cove (Citrix))
CBQ4510H: DQ45EK(Eklo)
TMIBX10H: DQ57TM(Tunnel Mountain)
TMIBX10H: DQ57TML(Tunnel Mountain Lite)
SWQ6710H: DQ67EP (Eastern Point)
SWQ6710H: DQ67OW (Crow Point)
SWQ6710H: DQ67SW (Strawberry Mountain)
MQ96510J: DQ963FX (Flaxton)
MQ96510J: DQ963GS (Garreston)
CO96510J: DQ965CO (Coupeville)
CO96510J: DQ965GF (Guardfish)
CO96510J: DQ965MT (Mikkelson Trail)
CO96510J: DQ965WC (Wescott)
BTX3810J: DX38BT (Bone Trail)
BTX3810J: DX48BT2 (Bone Trail 2)
SOX5820J: DX58OG (Outagamie)
SOX5810J: DX58SO (Smackover)
SOX5820J: DX58SO2 (Smackover 2)
: DX79SI (Siler)
: DX79TO (Thorsby)
BCZ6810H: DZ68BC (Braiden Creek)
DBZ6810H: DZ68DB (Dunes Beach)
FB82010A: FB820 (Fairbanks)
4F4JZ0XB2: FJ440ZX (Fiji) OEM-only board
GS81010A: GS810 (Great Smokey) OEM-only board
4J4NB0X1: JN440BX (Juneau)
4K4UE0X0: KU440EX (Kauai)
4L4ML0X0: LM440LX (Livermore)
4L3TT0X0: LT430TX (Lonetree)
MADRO0: MB440LX (Madrona)
4M4PB0X1: MP440BX (Mount Prospect) OEM-only board
4M4SG0X0: MS440GX (Marlin)
4M4UE0X1: MU440EX (Maui)
4M4UE0X3: MU440EX (Maui)
4O4CL0X0: OC440LX (???) OEM-only board
OR840600: OR840 (Outrigger)
4R4CB0XA: RC440BX (Rochester)
4S4EB0X1: SE440BX (Seattle) crystal audio
4S4EB2X0: SE440BX-2 (Seattle 2) yamaha audio
4S4EB3X0: SE440BX-3 (Seattle 3) creative audio OEM-only board
4S4RB0XA: SR440BX (Sun River) this one is used in the Medion P2-400 systems
SU81010A: SU810 (Sumatra)
VC82010A: VC820 (Vancouver)
8W1L100A: WL810 (Willow Springs) OEM-only board
WL81020A: WL810E (Willow Springs 2) OEM-only board
4W4SB0X0: WS440BX (Warm Springs) OEM-only board
: WX58BP(Barnroof Point)
YA810E10A: YA810E (Yampai) OEM-only board

SERVER boards

ASPN1: AC450NX (Aspen Cabrillo)
ASPN0: AD450NX (Aspen Drake)
C440GX0: C440GX+ (Cypress or Cyprus)
TR440BXA: ISP1100
L440GX0: ISP2150
L440GX0: ISP2150G
SKA40: ISP4400
L440GX0: L440GX+ (Lancewood)
L440GX0: LB440GX
NIGHTS0: N440BX (Nightshade)
NITELT0: T440BX or NL440BX (Nightshade Lite)
4N4XL0X0: NX440LX (Rockaway)
SABR1: OCPRF100 (Saber)
REDWD0: R440LX (Redwood)
EA81520A: S815EBM1 (Bonham)
???: S820PN-2 (spotted in HP cc3300 Carrier Grade Server)
WD84510A: S845WD1-E (Woodruff)
WP87510A: S875WP1-E (Winterpark)
: S975XBX2(Bad Axe 2)
: S1200BTL S1200BTS(Beartooth Pass)
: S3420GP(Grosse Point)
: S5500BC(Bluff Creek)
: S5520UR(Urbanna)
SAI20: SAI2 (Aitkins)
SBT20: SBT2 (Baytown)
SBX44: SBX44 (McCarran)
: SBX82 (Eastsound)
: SBXL52 (Laurel)
S450NX0: SC450NX (Sitka Cabrillo)
: SC5275GP2
: SC5300AF2
: SC5300BD2
SCB20: SCB2 (Coosbay)
SDS21: SDS2 (Dodson)
SE7210TP10.86B: SE7210TP1-E (Torrey Pines)
: SE7221BA1-E (Bartman)
: SE7221BK1-E (Buckner/Copper River)
: SE7230NH1-E (Nod Hill)
: SE7320EP2 (Eden Prairie)
SE7525GP20: SE7320SP2 (Sun Prairie)
SE7320VP20: SE7320VP2 (Volcano Peak)
SE7500CW2: SE7500CW2 (Clearwater)
SWV20: SE7500WV2 (Westville)
SBR20: SE7501BR2 (Bryson)
: SE7501CW2 (Clearwater 2)
S7501HG0: SE7501HG2 (Harlingen)
SWV20: SE7501WV2 (Westville 2)
: SE7505VB2 (Vero Beach)
SE7520AF20: SE7520AF2 (Alief)
: SE7520BB2D2 (Baker Boy)
SE7520BD20: SE7520BD2 (Brandon)
: SE7520BR2
SE7520JR20: SE7520JR2 (Jarrell)
SE7525GP20: SE7525GP2 (Grand Prairie)
: SE7525RP2 (Rolling Prairie)
SHG20: SHG2 (Hodges)
SKA40: SPKA4 (Koa)
: SR1435VP2
: SR1325TP1-E
: SR1400SYS
: SR1425BK1-E
: SR1475NH1-E
: SR2400SYS
: SR2400SYSD2
: SR4850HW4 (Harwich)
: SR6850HW4 (Harwich)
: SR870BH2 (Bar Harbor/Tiger 2)
: SR870BN4 (Bandera/Tiger 4)
: SRCU21 (Talo)
SKA40: SRKA4 (Koa server)
PT030LEA: SRMK2 (Mackinac)
SABR1: SRPM8 MP (Palmetto)
SSH40: SRSH4 (Shasta)
STL20: STL2 (Tupelo)
SE7210TP10.86B: TIGPT1U

Phoenix OEM codes (Intel = 86):
04 = Sony
05 = Micron
10 = Dell
11 = Packard Bell/NEC
12 = IBM/Lenovo
15 = Gateway 2000
17 = IBM
18 = Compaq
21 = HP
22 = NEC/Packard Bell
25 = Vobis
28 = Toshiba
31 = VPR
44= eMachines/Gateway
46 = Gateway
49= Acer

Identified Phoenix OEM model strings so far:
4A3NT0X0.04A: Sony VAIO PCV-130, PCV-150 AN430TX
4A4LL0X0.04A: Sony VAIO PCV-T710MR, PCV-T720MR, PCV-T510R, PCV-200, PCV-210, PCV-220, PCV-230, PCV-240 AL440LX (Atlanta)
EV91510A.04T: Sony Vaio VGC-RB1xx, VGC-RB3xx series D915GEV (Horizon)
PR94510J.04T: Sony Vaio VGC-RC50 D945GPR (Prague G?)
PR94510J.04T: Sony Vaio VGC-RB52,RB54G,RB55G,RB55GX,RB56G,RB57GY,RB58G,RC51,RC52,RC72,RC102,RC202,RC204 D945PPR (Prague)

4A4LL0X0.05A: MBD001092/MBD001098 Millennia® XKU/ClientPro® 766XI (Augusta/AL440LX)
4A3NT0X0.05A: MBD001083 Millennia® MME (Anchorage/AN430TX)
4S4EB0X1.05A: MBD001099/MBD001116 Millennia® Max/ClientPro® CS (Seattle/SE440BX)
4S4EB2X0.05A: MBD001109/MBD001138 Millennia® Max/ClientPro® CS/Millennia® EX - Cascade II (Seattle 2/SE440BX2)
4L3TT0X0.05A: MBD001090 ClientPro® MRE (Lonetree/LT430TX)

4A4LL0X0.10A: Dell Dimension XPS D series AL440LX
4A4RB0X0.10A: Dell Dimension XPS V series AR440BX
4S4EB0X1.10A: Dell Dimension XPS R series SE440BX
4S4EB2X0.10A: Dell Dimension XPS T series SE440BX-3 (OEM-only)
8C1A100A.10A: Dell Dimension XPS LXXXc series CA810
CA81020A.10A: Dell Dimension 2100, XPS LXXXr, XPS LXXXcx, XPS LXXXcxe series CA810E
EA81510A.10A: Dell Dimension 4100 XPS-Z D815EEA
HM81510A.10A: Dell Dimension 4200 D815EHM (AAA38740-403)
VC82010A.10A: Dell Dimension XPS B series VC820/D820LP
VA84510A.10A: Dell OptiPlex 160L D845GLVAL
???: Dell Dimension 4600, OptiPlex 170L D865VP

4A3NT0X0.11A: Packard Bell PB790, NEC Direction SPT series, Ready: 9751 9752 9753 9759 9780 9785 9840 Ready ES Pro: 9734 9736 9742 9746 9748 9750 9752 9754 AN430TX
4A4LL0X0.11A: Packard Bell PB800 NEC Direction SPL series, Ready: 9860 9870 AL440LX
4M4UE0X1.11A: Packard Bell PB880 NEC Direction SPE series, Ready: 9855 9861 9865 9871 9880 9883 9885 9887 9925 MU440EX rev1
4M4UE0X3.11A: Packard Bell PB885 MU440EX rev3
4S4EB0X1.11A: Packard Bell PB870 NEC Direction SPB series, Ready: 9889 9890 9891 9892 9895 9897 9910, Ready Office 2000 2010 SE440BX
4S4EB0X2.11A: NEC Direction SPB series SE440BX-2
CY91510A.11T: Packard Bell/NEC "Perhentian" (marked D915GVWK/listed D915PWK)

WR84510A.12A: ??? D845WR
CA86510A.12T: ??? D848PFT2 Lenovo/IBM
4R4CB0XA.17D: IBM Aptiva 2444-xxx RC440BX
??? : ThinkCentre A50 (type 8084, 8085, 8126, 8147, 8148, 8149, 8174, 8175, 8176, 8177, 8178) / M50e (type 8179) D865GKD

4A4LL0X0.15A: AL440LX Gateway Astoria
CB81010A.15A: D810E2CB Gateway Santorini
EA81510A.15A: D815EEA Gateway Fedora
EA81520A.15A: D815EEA2 Gateway KittyHawk, Kittyhawk 1.5
HV84510A.15A: D845HV Gateway El Paso
LY84510A.15A: D845GLLY Gateway Dasher
PT84510A.15A: D845PT Gateway El Paso 2
RG84510A.15A: D845GERG Gateway Essex, Essex 2, Nimitz, Shiloh and Yorktown
SR84511A.15A: D845?? Gateway Thrasher
SR84510A.46T: D845GVSR Gateway Sea Breeze T3 and Nimitz 2
GB85010A.15A: D850GB Gateway Monterrey
MV85010A.15A: D850MV Gateway Lexington, Lexington 2 and Lexington 3
BF86510A.15A: D865GBF Gateway Midway, Midway Plus, Midway 2 GV, Midway 2 PE
BF86510A.15A: D865GVHZ Gateway Hazelton
BZ87510A.15A: D875PBZ Gateway Wasp
AG91510J.15A: D915GAG Gateway Augsburg
SE91510J.15A: D915GSN Gateway South Lake, South Lake2, South Lake 3
SE91510J.15A: D915GUX Gateway Luxemburg
PB94510J.15A: D945GBI Gateway Big Lake
???: D945G?? Gateway Council Bluffs
???: D945GCL Gateway Coryville, Coryville2
NT94510J.15A: D945GCZ Gateway Cortez, Cortez2, Cortez3
PB94510J.15A: D945GPB Gateway Putton Bay,
???: D975X?? Gateway Lavacot
WT97510J.15A: D975XWT2 Gateway Watsonville2
MQ96510J.15A: DG965LV Gateway Love Valley G
???: DG965OT Gateway Stoughton
4D4KL0X0.15A: DK440LX Gateway Intel Dual Pentium II Motherboard w/ Integrated SCSI
MQ96510J.15A: DP965LV Gateway Love Valley P
???: DQ965?? Gateway Mickelson Trail
FB82010A.15A: FB820 Gateway Valhalla
4F4JZ0XB.15A: FJ440ZX Gateway Freeman ZX
4J4NB0X1.15A: JN440BX Gateway Jabil Maverick 440BX NLX
4K4UE0X1.15A: KU440EX Gateway Waimea 440EX NLX
4L3TT0X0.15A: LT430TX Gateway Jabil586/Solectron 586
4M4PB0X1.15A: MP440BXGateway Jabil Tabor Pentium II BX
4M4SG0X0.15A: MS440GX Gateway Spearfish
4O4CL0X0.15A: OC440LX Gateway Intel Pentium II Slot 1 LX MicroATX (4000335)
OR840700.86E: OR840 Gateway Hawaii
4R4CB0XA.15A: RC440BX Gateway Tolstoy
SU81010A.15A: SU810 Gateway Lanai
WL81020A.15A: WL810E Gateway Bryant
4W4SB0X0.15A: WS440BX Gateway Tabor 2/Jabil BX

GB85010A.18A: Compaq Presario 7120US D850GB

4A4LL0X0.21A: HP Pavilion 8190 AL440LX

4C3NT0X0.22A: NEC Powermate 5000 CN430TX
4J4NB0X1.22A: NEC PowerMate 8100 JN440BX
4K4UE0X0.22A: NEC PowerMate 5100 Enterprise KU440EX
4N4XL0X0.22A: NEC PowerMate 8000 Enterprise NX440LX

4A3NT0X0.28A: Toshiba Infinia 7202, 7230, 7231 series AN430TX

SR84510B.44T: Gateway Seabreeze /eMachines UK 2210 2220 2230 2240 3210 3220 3250 3260 4250 4260, US T2742 T2796 T2798 T2824 T2862 T2885 T2890 T2893 T2894 T2896 T2898 T2958 T2984 T3624 T3828 T3830 T3958 D2823 D2880 H2824 H2862 H3624 H3824 H3958 W2888
SR84510A.46T: Gateway Seabreeze T3/eMachines 2210 2220 2230 2240 3210 3220 3250 3260 4250 4260, T2742 T2796 T2798 T2824 T2862 T2885 T2890 T2893 T2894 T2896 T2898 T2958 T2984 T3624 T3828 T3830 T3958 D2823 D2880 H2824 H2862 H3624 H3824 H3958 W2888
BF86510A.15A: Gateway Hazelton /eMachines UK 3010, US T3406 T3882 T3985 T3990 T3995 T3998 T4010 H3882 H3990
AG91510J.15A: Gateway Augsburg 915G/915GV/eMachines UK 3240 4020 E4024 E4026 E4028 5240 5250 5260 8240, US D5039 H5026 T3522 T5010 T5016 T5020 T5022 T5026

BT84520A.31T: VPR Matrix FT2100-PE, FT3110-PE, FT5110-PE, FT7100-PE, FT9100-PE, FT9150-PE
PT84510A: VPR Matrix 1600, 1620, 1800, 1820, 2000, 2020, 2250
non-Intel?: 4100, 6100 and the xxxR models (no info there)

4J4NB0X1: AST Bravo MS 8XXX JN440BX

MO91510A.49A: Acer Veriton 7700G D915GMO

Last revision: December 7, 2020

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