BCM 567/568 Motherboard: This Is Not An NEC Computer During Restore

While attempting to format and restore, the error message "This is not an NEC Computer, if this is an NEC Computer, please call technical support." comes up on the screen.

If the Model number is not in the Ready 9730 or 9740 Series, this BIOS Update should not be used.
A BIOS update is needed for this particular machine.
Reboot the computer with the BIOS update diskette in the drive, to update bios revision.

Mail request the BIOS update 142901 as long as the motherboard has 2MB of video RAM. If the motherboard shipped out does not have 2 MB of video RAM, replace it with the correct motherboard 182903.
<% End If %>
It is recommended that this BIOS update procedure be performed at an NEC authorized service center.

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